Frankie Cena

Musician. Presenter. Model. Actor.

Frankie Cena Announced as Miss World Web Presenter

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Frankie Cena is a presenter, singer, and an international speech coach living in Vancouver, Canada. He was first introduced to the Miss World Organization as a contestant in the 2013 series of Mr. World where he claimed a top ten finish overall and was crowned Mr. World Talent for his rendition of Down by Jay Sean. Frankie was then hired to present at Mr. World 2014 with the reigning Miss World, Megan Young, in Torbay, England. After a brilliant vocal recital at the competition and stellar performance as a presenter, we are excited to invite Frankie back to England for the third time.

In anticipation of the competition, we sat Frankie down to ask him a couple of questions about his return to the competition and his latest role as Web Presenter.

What are you most looking forward to?

For most young men, being surrounded by more than 120 beautiful and intelligent women from around the world would be a dream come true. But getting to interact with them, interview them, and really get to know them beyond their pageant persona is what I am really looking forward to. I am excited to give the entire world an inside look into what happens on the days leading up to when Miss World is crowned. As always, I can’t wait to have some fish and chips in London and to watch the Miss World Talent Final.